The Weekly Club Bulletin:

Each week the Club’s Woodturning Tutor produces a bulletin (referred to as the Tutor’s Tidings, [TT]).   As well as giving tips and advice on a wide variety of woodturning subjects, the TT also shows pictures of current items being made by our members.   Past issues can be accessed below - the index identifies the main theme being covered by each bulletin.

            The next TT will be available on 2nd February 2018


TT 42 general: learn from failure

TT 41 general: Xmas Function

TT 40 technique: wood dyes

TT 39 wood: hard v soft wood

TT 38 technique: drilling long concentric holes

TT 37 trees: Kauri Gum

TT 36 trees: Box Elder

TT 35 trees: Claret Ash

TT 34 trees: Hawaiian Koa

TT 33 trees: Purpleheart    [see also 2016 TT 13]

TT 32 general update

TT 31 general update

TT 30 event: “Participation” experience

TT 29 event: “Back to Basics” with Terry Scott

TT 28 general update

TT 27 tools: Easy Wood tools

TT 26 finishing: oil or wax   [see also 2016 TTs 03-06]

TT 25 project: totura challenge results

TT 24 project: totara turning challenge

TT 23 tools: Woodcut bowl saver

TT 22 tools: sharpening a bowl gouge

TT 21 general update: new turners making progress

TT 20 general: new turner induction programme

TT 19 finishing: removal of stria - NEAGE philosophy

TT 18 general: an extra weekly session

TT 17 tools: spindle roughing gouge

TT 16 general: working bee; mid-winter lunch

TT 15 finishing: use of sanding sealer   [see also 2016 TT 02]

TT 14 general update

TT 13 tools: woodturner’s basic toolkit   [see also 2016 TTs 38 & 39]

TT 12 trees: Sandalwood    [repeat of 2016 TT 15]

TT 11 project: basic lidded trinket box

TT 10 general: Waikato Show Stand

TT 09 technique: Glenn Lucas demonstration

TT 08 general update

TT 07 wood: supply of quality wood

TT 06 general: start of session routine

TT 05 trees: Norfolk Island Pine

TT 04 trees: protected trees

TT 03 tools: rub the bevel

TT 02 tools: rub the bevel    [see also 2016 TT 35]

TT 01 general: Committee Meeting dates 2017


TT 45 general: end of year function

TT 44 wood: member wood sale

TT 43 general: SAW club facilities

TT 42 general: Xmas Function Details

TT 41 general: Xmas Pressie Ideas

TT 40 general update: workshop changes

TT 39 tools: basic items for your tool box (2)

TT 38 tools: basic items for your tool box (1)

TT 37 general update: TT now includes Items For Sale section

TT 36 project: turning wet wood

TT 35 tools: rubbing the bevel

TT 34 project: cutting and polishing - EEE    [see also 2016 TT 22]

TT 33 project: square section to a cylinder - roughing gouge

TT 32 project: centre finder

TT 31 project: wooden whistle

TT 30 accessories: wood glues

TT 29 tools: Forstner drill speeds     [see also 2015 TT 05]

TT 28 tools: Dremel rotary power tool

TT 27 wood: air drying (seasoning)

TT 26 accessories: beal buffing system

TT 25 accessories: steb centre

TT 24 accessories: micro mesh; technique: tool sharpening

TT 23 accessories: outrigger

TT 22 accessories: EEE ultra shine

TT 21 tools: scrapers

TT 20 project: mini pot with lid

TT 19 project: candle holders

TT 18 project: honey dipper

TT 17 project: spinning top

TT 16 trees: Pink Ivory

TT 15 trees: Sandalwood

TT 14 trees: Lignum Vitae

TT 13 trees: Purpleheart

TT 12 trees: Agar

TT 11 trees: Bubinga

TT 10 trees: Ebony

TT 09 trees: Cocobolo

TT 08 trees: Bocote

TT 07 trees: African Blackwood    [see also 2015 TT 03]

TT 06 finishing: tung oil

TT 05 finishing: linseed oils

TT 04 finishing: oil finishes    [see also 2014 TT 22]

TT 03 finishing: wax finishes

TT 02 finishing: use of sanding sealer   [see also 2015 TT 07]

TT 01 new year welcome


TT 44 2015 Xmas function

TT 43 finishing: crackle painting

TT 42 general update

TT 41 general update

TT 40 finishing: power sanding

TT 39 history of woodturning lathe pt 5

TT 38 history of woodturning lathe pt 4

TT 37 history of woodturning lathe pt 3

TT 36 history of woodturning lathe pt 2

TT 35 history of woodturning lathe pt 1

TT 34 wood: cutting up a Kauri slab

TT 33 wood: burrs / burls   [see also 2015 TT 06]

TT 32 trees: Flax

TT 31 trees: Nikau Palm

TT 30 trees: Ponga

TT 29 trees: Cabbage Tree, Ti

TT 28 trees: Hinau

TT 27 trees: Kohekohe

TT 26 trees: Silver Beech; tools: drill bits

TT 25 trees: Miro

TT 24 trees: Tanekaha

TT 23 trees: Pohutukawa

TT 22 trees: Rata

TT 21 trees: Mahoe; boiling green wood to dry

TT 20 trees: Taraire

TT 19 trees: Lancewood

TT 18 trees: Kanuka & Manuka

TT 17 trees: Matai

TT 16 trees: Tawa

TT 15 trees: Rewarewa (NZ Honeysuckle)

TT 14 trees: Puriril

TT 13 trees: Totara

TT 12 trees: Kowhai

TT 11 trees: Kahikatea

TT 10 trees: Black Maire

TT 09 trees: Rimu

TT 08 trees: Kauri

TT 07 finishing: sanding sealers

TT 06 wood: burrs / burls

TT 05 tools: recommended drill bit speeds

TT 04 wood: maximising wood blocks

TT 03 trees: African Blackwood

TT 02 general update

TT 01 new year welcome


TT 25 Clive's Dear Santa letter

TT 24 Xmas function

TT 23 tools: scrapers

TT 22 finishing: oils

Note that earlier TTs were communicated to members in the form of email messages; they were not provided as separate documents.