The following is a list of woodturning tools and related products.  While the Club does not endorse these items, some members have used them.  Members are encouraged to add any new tools and products to the list.

  1.     Teknatool:         DVR Saturn Lathe

  2.     Teknatool:         Nova Chucks - 35mm; 50mm; Pin Jaw; 75mm

  3.                               long nose; 100mm; Cole Jaw Set

  4.     RM Woodco:       Longworth Chuck 16”

  5.     Jacobs:              Drill Chuck

  6.     Easywood:         Chisels - Rougher, Finisher, Detailer

  7.     Beall:                buffing system

  8.     Carbatec:           Saw Tooth Bit Set

  9.     U Beaut:            EEE Ultra Shine, Waxes

  10.     Face Mask          [protects respiratory system from dust: full-face

  11.                                mask; optionally with respirator]

  12.     Earmuffs            [protects hearing from bursts of noise]

  13.     Safety Goggles   [scratch resistant; can be worn over reading

  14.                                glasses]

  15.     West System:     [epoxy resin]

  16.     Gem Coat:          [epoxy resin]

  17.     Astrodot:            [non-clogging sand paper]

The Woodturning Lathe


The Woodturning Chisel:


        Terry Scott’s videos on tool sharpening:


     Parting tool:        

     BG 10mm fingernail:

     Mini tools:           

     White stone grinding wheel:

     BG 13mm 35 degrees:

     Spindle roughing gouge:

     Negative rake scraper:

     (BG = Bowl Gouge)


Chisel grinding angles (in degrees):

  1.   roughing-out gouges        45

  2.   spindle gouges                 35

  3.   bowl gouges                    55

  4.   chisels & parting tools      25

  5.   scrapers                          80

Wood Features / Forms:



Carbide Tipped Tools:





Chucks & Faceplates:

                SuperNova 2 (50mm - 90mm Jaws)

                            SuperNova 2 (Pin Jaws)

                      SuperNova 2 (Long Nose Jaws)

                     SuperNova 2 (Changing the Jaws)


                                            Cole Jaws




Woodturning Accessories:

                                           Spindle Stabiliser

                                           Jacobs Chuck

                                           Beal (Buffing) System

                                              Lathe Outrigger

                                           Power Sanding


Woodturning Terminology