Project Workbooks:

The Club has a number of project workbooks that will guide you through the steps necessary to complete a specific turned item, or to achieve a particular skill (e.g. finishing).   Some of these workbooks support the sessions followed by a beginner during the induction programme (see Membership section of this web-site for details of the Induction Programme).

Topics covered by the workbooks include:

  1. Bullet    a tool handle (e.g. to make a knockout bar)

  2. Bullet    a small bud vase

  3. Bullet    a garden dibber

  4. Bullet    a small shallow dish

  5. Bullet    a paper pot maker

  6. Bullet    a candle holder

  7. Bullet    a mortar and pestle

  8. Bullet    a rolling pin

  9. Bullet    a honey dipper

  10. Bullet    a no-digit clock

  11. Bullet    a pen (using either wood or acrylic pen blanks)

  12. Bullet    a salt and pepper mill

  13. Bullet    sanding and finishing techniques

These workbooks can be purchased at a moderate cost from the Club’s tutor, Clive.

Woodturning Books, Magazines and Videos:

The Club has a number of woodturning books.    These are written by experienced woodturners from around the world.

Many of the books show illustrations of items completed by the author; these are useful to see what is possible by an experienced turner, and to gain ideas for your own future projects.   However, most of these books do not provide any guidance on how to produce the items shown.

Fortunately, there are some books that will guide you through the steps necessary to complete a specific turned item.

The Club also has a collection of woodturning/woodworking magazines - typically from NZ or Oz.   Although many of these are old copies, they still provide a lot of useful ideas and information.

Finally, there is a wealth of woodturning information on the internet.   Youtube has many videos, where the creator of the video demonstrates a particular skill, or shows the steps used to complete a specific item.

NAW Magazine:

The Club encourages you to take out membership of the National Association of Woodturners, NAW.   As well as offering it’s members a discount on woodturning events, and products, NAW produces an excellent magazine “Creative Wood NZ” that is produced quarterly and is free to its members.