Club Support:


        The Hamilton Woodturners Club is proudly supported by the

        following organisations:


                the lion foundation                            southern trust


               WEL energy trust


We can offer:

  1.     Introduction to Lathes and Chisels and their correct use.

  2.     Instruction on the safe use of other equipment (incl. bandsaws,

  3.        grinding wheels, drill press, electric sanders, drop saw).

  4.     Full access to the workshop:

  5.                     Tuesday        09:00am - 3:30pm

  6.                     Wednesday     6:00pm - 9:00pm

  7.                     Thursday        6:00pm - 9:00pm

  8.     Tuition on a structured and staged mentoring system from

  9.        experienced turners.

  10.     Guidance on wood finishes and polishing procedures.

  11.     Supply of a variety of wood blanks - ready for Woodturning

  12.        (costs may apply).

  13.     Advice on safety precautions, including use of associated

  14.        equipment (dust collector, room air filters, ear muffs, face

  15.        masks, respirators).

  16.     Support and discounts from suppliers.

  17.     Weekly bulletin, and use of the club’s library.

  18.     Friendly & supportive club members - always happy to assist and

  19.        share experiences.

  20.     Periodic demonstrations from visiting, professional Woodturners.

  21.        (fees may apply).

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